The Euphelia Centre promotes the emotional and psychological well-being of each person. We provide therapeutic support services and training for this purpose. We undertake research in partnership with agencies in the statutory, voluntary, and independent sectors to inform evidence-based practice in psychological health and well-being, and to address health inequalities.

We specialise in providing therapeutic support, skills training and knowledge in regards to psychology, neuroscience, mental health, emotional well-being, health and social care, and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy .


Our professional services are confidential and supportive, delivered by our consultants, focused on each client's unique needs and goals, centred upon emotional health and well-being. We offer strengths-based, empowering and supportive therapeutic partnerships with our clients.

The Euphelia Centre's Consultants are UK registered health and social care professionals, and are also researchers and specialists in psychology and mental health, including in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

We provide our therapeutic support services to children, young people, adults, parents and carers. Education, health and social care professionals can also access our specialist therapeutic training programmes.

Our services and support are available throughout the UK (more details are through the links on the webpage sidebar at the top of this page), so contact us to find out how we may be able to help you or someone you care about.


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